Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Host a Dinner

It was only right and proper that we should host a dinner for our good friends in SGH #1 School. D2 left the arrangements to her GSPS trio of J, M and D. They picked the Zhuchou Restaurant and over dinner we played host.
Before the informal dinner began, D2 presented our Wuhan friends with specially prepared gifts from Singapore.

Top photo:
This is Mdm Gu with the beautiful black sarong kebaya top that is laced with intricate flowers and floral patterns. She is one of the 2 Vice-Principals of the school.
Flanking her is Jessica and D2.

Another snapshot of that kebaya top.

We all thought it looks really pretty on such a pretty lady.
From the big smile on her face, I think Mdm Gu was very pleased with it.

This 3rd photo showed Mr Fu, the very pleasant, hardworking and most friendly Head of Department receiving a gift from D2.

He was specially appointed to
" take good care of us ".....and he went
beyond that.
I'm especially happy and glad that he'll be accompanying his group of students for the Singapore leg of the exchange programme next month.
Then, I can do my bit to promote this Singapore -Wuhan friendship even more.

Last but not least, D2 presented a gift to another HOD, Mr Yan who is
an affable and friendly chap. He and the others have been responsible for making our stay such a pleasant and meaningful one.

Besides such key staff members, we also met some of the other staff who had been to Singapore before.
One such person is the other Vice- Principal Mdm Liu .

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