Thursday, June 19, 2008

More pictures of the English Lesson

A long time ago, in the mid 60's, I started on my 2nd career as a teacher. Had to attend lectures on a range of professional subjects like Educational psychology, Principles of Education, Teaching Methods and Practice etc. etc...and then teach the other half of the day.
What I saw Julie, the English Teacher doing, jolted my memory of what I remembered learning during my early teaching years.
With young pupils, you need to inject some movement and activity into your lessons.
So, getting them to come forward is part of the technique of a good teacher. This is engaging them making the lesson come alive.
The others will not dare go to sleep knowing that at any time the teacher may call upon him or her to come forward to the board and provide some answers. Simple and brilliant ! Hey, any of you reading this think I must have forgotten my Principles of Teaching since it is more than 4 decades ago....better think again!

To get the children excited and animated about the lesson....the teacher MUST herself be similarly
excited and lively. Right?
It was once said that a GOOD teacher is most likely a GOOD Entertainer, MAGICIAN, and SALESMAN all rolled into one.



Julie Liu said...

Thanks for your kind word!I'll try my best to do my job well! Maybe to be an English teacher is not just a job! I just enjoy myself!

uncle dick said...

Hi Julie!
Welcome to my blogsite!
It's great to hear from you. I understand from Jessica that Principal Zheng and others have visited this website but cannot understand what I wrote.
Please tell them I am so sorry that the blogs are all in English.
Maybe one day, in the future I hope to blog in Chinese.
Hope you can help them a little by
translating for them.
There will be many more blogs everyday.
Can someone also inform the Kindergarten staff and children.
I have many blogs about them.


Mr Yip

Julie Liu said...

No problem! The photos and blogs about Wuhan and our school attract me a lot! : )

uncle dick said...

Thanks very much, Julie.
You have been of a great help to me and Mrs Yip.
Am very happy you like the posts.
More exciting posts to come still!!!