Sunday, June 29, 2008

Musical Chairs....the Game !

One item on the programme was the game of Musical Chairs. Chairs were placed on the staged area. A call then went out for volunteer participants. Many hands went up immediately. Here, in this photo, you can see some of these hands as well as the doting parents...many had to take time off from work to be there in support. But I guess they wouldn't have wanted to miss this anyway. Seeing one's child perform together with others is indeed a great joy.

The game began in earnest with about 10 chairs....that meant 11 participants who will circle in one direction as the music is played, all keeping their eagle sharp eyes on the nearest chair...until the music suddenly stops.
Then pandemonium reigns!
Everyone "fighting" to place his or her bum onto a chair seat. No...there isn't any violence involved at all. On the other hand, there is much incredulous laughter, especially when the last one to react sits on the lap of a girl or boy. Ha Ha! The judges decide who is out, remove another chair and the game resumes. This continues until only two players are left with only one chair. That was what happened in the next two photos. A SGH girl and a GSPS boy were the only ones remaining in the game.
All watched in eager anticipation. At this point in this game, luck will be a factor as the chair's seat can only be facing in one direction. So, if the music stops at the point where you are behind the normally lose out.
GSPS boy has the final luck!
He raised his arms in truimph and was cheered by one and all, receiving a prize for his efforts.

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