Monday, June 23, 2008

The Numismatic Museum of Wuhan

We returned from that wonderful home visit and gathered at the school. Together with all the 54 kids and some staff, we were supposed to vist Moshan. However a heavy downpour came upon the city and we all headed for the Numismatic Museum of Wuhan. This special museum is private and not opened to the public. But the school has the right connections and we were given not only access but a guided tour inside by the staff of that place.
Because of the rain, all our shoes were very wet and we were given special plastic slip-ons for our shoes before stepping inside the museum.

Top photo:

At the entrance of the museum

Next two photos:

Me and Jessica showing off the interesting blue slip-ons. The idea is simple yet functional and novel!

The displays of various coins and currency are well-organised with descriptions in both Chinese and English. There were many ancient coins and artifacts used as money on display. Some were from the earliest period of China's long history.
Pre-Shang dynasty, Shang, right on to the Qin dynasty, Han, Warring States of 3 Kingdoms period, today's Modern China. They are all there.
Bottom photo:
Samples of coins and other ancient money found still encased and fused together.

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