Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shui Guo Hu # 1 Primary School, Wuhan

Top photo:
I wanted to capture the external profile of the school from across the road. Lessons had already begun within.

Centre photo:
The school has an indoor swimming pool next to it. Swimming lessons are carried out by former Chinese Olympic swimmers. The pool is also open to paying members of the public.

Bottom photo:
At this major road junction, I decided to ask D2 and Melissa to stop and pose for a " background" shot. Turning right will lead to the school.
Notice a man on the pedestrian crossing. He does not assume he has right of way and therefore boldly walk forward. In most places in China vehicles will continue moving even at such marked crossing. They may slow down slightly but never come to a complete halt. It would be hazardous and foolhardy for anyone to expect otherwise. China has left hand driven vehicles. So, one needs to look left ,look right and left again.....correct? WRONG! You need to look EVERYWHERE! Crossing a busy road with heavy traffic can turn out to be a major and daunting task!

More than 2 decades ago, an ex-colleague of mine while holidaying in Beijing with his wife, was killed in a roadside accident.
Apparently, he was knocked down by a vehicle while he was trying to snap a picture of his wife across the road. He was an avid photographer and was taking much too long to do so and so forgot about the dangers and of "being aware at all times of your surroundings".


Anonymous said...

Can children from English-speaking backgrounds attend the chinese primary schools?

uncle dick said...

Hi there.Thanks for visiting.Perhaps the best person to answer your question would be a person such as Principal Zheng.
Nevertheless,speaking from just my long experience in education,I would venture to say it is basically not a problem...provided that child from an English-speaking background can also follow the lessons which are conducted in Chinese. So the basic requirement is can the child understand and follow?

Rachellyse said...

Hi there! It is to my relief that I've managed to find something online about shui guo hu #1 primary school! You definitely saved my life. I've been searching high and low for information about the primary school but to no avail. Finally, I happened to come across 'The Wise Old Owl' blog!

Really enjoy reading your entries on Shui Guo Hu #1 Pri School. Would like to find out more from you what the school is like as I will be visiting the school sometime soon and it would really be helpful to have some prior knowledge before I go.

I'm currently following your blog and definitely hope to hear a reply from you soon!!! Cheers!

unk Dicko said...

Hi there Rachellyse,
Am very glad you landed here in your near-futile search for info on this school. Yes, my wife and I had visited this school and got to know many of the key staff and pupils too.
How can I be of help...just let me know.
Are you just visiting or going on an attachment? If you need more info, certainly I can be of help.
Do let me know here how contact you further.

Rachellyse said...

Hi Mr Yip! Thanks so much for replying to my message. I saw your many pictures that you have taken. Did you carry out twinning programmes with shui guo hu #1 school? It would be great to know more about the school from you.

Oh yah, just to give you more background knowledge of my purpose of visiting Wuhan. I will be there for a 4 month teacher exchange programme. I will be teaching English during my stay there with the school. I'm in the midst of preparing the lesson plans for my English lessons there. However, I do not have information on which levels I will be teaching. Also, what is their focus (grammar, vocab, thematic lessons, situation-based lessons etc?) or what are some of the things I can do with the pupils. Hmmm... a lot of questions. I definitely hope that I will be able to contact you in person to talk more.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Rachel,
Definitely can be of help to you. However, pl contact me with a private wall to wall message at Facebook. I think it's unwise to provide my contact phone number here.
I can put you in touch with the local English teacher of that school or with some of the GSPS teachers.
Do get in touch with me first.

Rachellyse said...

Thank you so much! Will do just that.

Elephy said...

Hi Mr Yip,
thank you so much for sharing on your blog about your Wuhan trip. I was formerly teaching at Gongshang Primary when Mrs Yip was still the Principal. Like Rachel, I'm going for the Wuhan exchange program to teach English. Your blog (especially the pictures) has brought back fond memories of Gongshang's 4 year twinning program with SGH. Thank you for sharing! :)
Please send Mrs Yip my regards.

Eunice Sung

Unk Dicko said...

Hi Eunice,
Thanks very much for your visit here and esp your kind and warm-hearted comments. Wuhan will always remain special in our hearts. It was truly an unforgettable trip and learning journey! I believe you will find similar sentiments after your visit. By the way, Mrs Yip has just finally retired as a Cluster Supt and is looking forward to enjoy her retirement a little more.Do keep in touch. Regards!