Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shui Guo Hu Street

After the visit to the currency museum we requested the parent volunteer driving us to drop us off near Watson's. We went in to replenish some supplies and tid-bits.
Across this major road junction is Shui Guo Hu walking street which I have briefly described in earlier posts. A street where no vehicle traffic is permitted.
From here, it is a short and pleasant stroll back to our hotel.

Top photo:
Melissa and D2 after coming out from

The street in the late hot, afternoon. Not too many people at that time. But in the morning and especially later evening and night, the place is very busy and crowded.
As we walked along, we came to a market cum traditional food court that offered a variety of local Wuhan noodles, pastries, delicacies, food and drinks. Here we pose next to a stall making and selling something akin to our prata or pancake....except that they are deep-fried.

Nearer to our hotel, we noticed a big crowd of parents fetching their little kids from the # 2 Kindergarten we'd visited earlier.
It was dismissal time.

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