Saturday, June 21, 2008

Simply Irresistible !!!

When this little girl grows up I hope she will have this photo with her. And I hope she would have mastered enough of the English Language to be able to read this blog about herself and her kindergarten mates here. In fact, I do really hope that the teachers in Wuhan will encourage all of them to excel in the language as a motivation to read on their the near future.
And this little girl would one day ask,
" Who was that sweet lady who carried me onto her lap and hugged me so lovingly that day in May 2008 ? "

" I would like to meet her again !"

" To tell her that my friend next to me was tickling my ears..and I think he was jealous that I got all the attention! ".

Another great bunch of kids with Melissa. Dennis was partly hidden on the right of the picture.

All of them were sitting in a sort of circle when the teacher explained the game of Chinese Whispers. The teacher started it by whispering into the ear of the 1st kid on the left a sentence. Then that kid did the same to the kid on his left and on it went.

I was enjoying the spectacle when the pass-on action reached the last boy seen here grinning in a red shirt.
He was told to whisper to me!
Mind you, the sentence was in Mandarin.
Fortunately, I understood what he said and I had to say it aloud to everyone. There was much clapping after that! Ha ha!

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