Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some of the very Best Wuhan Art!

This piece of art work has everything. There is very good use of colours and the 2 cartoon animals are portrayed holding hands under an arch....which even has semblance of shadow play to the left of the arch. The serrated background in blue adds a nice effect and dimensional clarity to the overall beauty and simplicity of the drawing. It was because I
admired this drawing so much and this cute young creator who drew it that I asked him to pose for a picture with D2.
The next photo shows wonderful creativity. The face is depicted with fruits and leaves!
Most kids will not have known about the importance of making the eyes come out alive with 2 white dots.
This kid knew!

Here is one of the very best drawings

I've seen....perhaps the best.
It catches the eye immediately with the beautiful and creative inter-play of tones, shades and variations of depth of colour. There is something symbolic and surreal about this picture. No...not just the black and white upraised hands that seem to reach out for this impressive bird of the sky. From the bird's mouth come a message of hope, peace and goodwill. How do I know all this you may ask ?
Oh...I forgot to tell you all, I still have the imagination of a kid in me!

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