Saturday, June 21, 2008

Superb Budding Artists !

The Principal of the Kindergarten next led us to an 0n-going Art their art room. Remember, these are the same type of kids aged 3-5 years.
As we stepped into the room, I looked closely at the pupils artwork already displayed around the walls. It was unbelievable....the quality and standard was very high. My 1st thoughts were that these were the works of much older kids like those in the Primary school.
But taking a real close-up look at the kids who were actually doing their drawings, paintings and colouring right before our eyes, we were all so

impressed by everything we saw. For me personally, this must be one of the best kindergarten art classes I have come across in all my years.
Top photo:
The kids know who they are...its all on the board.
2nd photo:
Mrs Yip, accompanied by Principal Zheng, admiring the on-going young artists' work.

Some of the finished work displayed

prominently in the exhibit wall section.
They testify to the excellent work that is being carried out by the teachers of art.
The way that art materials of all kind and manner can be found in the room and made so easily available to the kids is most commendable.

I observed that the kids appeared happy and motivated with art.

Bottom photo:

They even use different mediums for expression. For example, these kind of drawings require very precise and patient, small movements to execute.

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