Thursday, June 26, 2008

A View from the Top

We climbed up the 5 storeyed tower..all eager to have a look from the parapet at the top and to enjoy the floor by floor history within. The staircase going up is one way and coming down the other side. This is useful to prevent human traffic and congestion.
There were many visitors to this place. I saw many expatriates and also the old and elderly. They have a lift added for the old and infirm. But it was shut down for maintenance that day. So no choice all had to use own muscle power to trudge up and down.
But the effort was really worth it.
The view from the top was simply fabulous!

You can see as far as your eyes can see....360 degrees. We saw the mighty Yangtze River [ Chang Jiang ]

which is the world's 3rd longest river.
The Wuhan skyline consists of the 3 districts of Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, with tall buildings, interspersed by the famous bridge connections, can all be clearly seen.

Fortunately for us, the weather was perfect that morning and we could make out the various prominent landmarks...including the TV tower in the distant.

Standing aloft right at the top, I can fully appreciate the full strategic significance of this ancient command post. Whoever controlled this spot in the sky had the total advantage of monitoring the flat plains below.

My thoughts flashed back to the days of Emperor Han Wudi of the Han Dynasty. It was reputed that he had himself stood on this very same parapet to enjoy the scenery of the land that he ruled.
Remember, today many highrise buildings criss-cross the skyline, effectively blocking out what's beyond.

But in those days of antiquity, even
up to the Ching Dynasty, there were probably no taller structure around than this Yellow Crane Tower. So the view would be completely clear and unheeded.

The tiles used on the roof of this tower were designed in the same way as was done in the past.

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