Monday, June 23, 2008

Visiting a 3 Generation Home in Wuhan

Have you ever sampled Mao Tai....the ever popular Chinese wine often used for "toasting" at occasions? It is deceiving as it looks just like plain water. But do not be fooled as it is anything but that! Mao Tai looks much like another strong drink I've tried....Vodka, that equally famous Russian drink. Our host, the Zhang family lives in an upmarket posh apartment . Little Qing Ling [see Top photo] lives with her parents and grandparents in a spacious double-storeyed home.
We were served a sumptious lunch spread by our gracious host. I believe there were at least 2 pro chefs in the kitchen! The food was absolutely fantastic especially the soups and other delicacies. Grandpa and Grandma Zhang, over lunch, told us about their past working careers before retiring.
It was still only the 2nd Day of our trip...Tuesday,27th of May 2008 and we have seen at first hand a Morning assembly, met with all the kids on the exchange programme, an English lesson, a Maths lesson, visited a top grade kindergarten with impressive programmes, another good Primary school and exchanged ideas with our respective counterparts.
We were then driven back to Principal Zheng's school where a hosting pupil's parents were waiting for us. The student is Zhang Qing Ling who will be one of the 27 kids coming over to Singapore in early July for the 2nd leg of the Exchange Programme. We were driven to her home by her parents. Her doting grandparents welcomed our party and proudly showed us around. It was a very nice apartment.....cosy, spacious and homely, decorated with style.

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