Thursday, June 19, 2008

We observe an English Lesson in Wuhan

After formally being introduced to the school at the morning assembly, we dropped in at Principal Zheng's main office and his 2 VPs to extend our greetings.
The school had prepared a programme for our visit. The 1st was a lesson observation of an English lesson in their lecture room.
This was conducted by Ms Julie to the combined group of exchange students.
The topic was ..."At The Circus".
What a lively teacher she was ! She got the children responding animatedly as she skillfully build on the topic. Not only did they learn names of animals but the difference between the word" Can" and " Can't ". It was an excellent lesson overall and we were all impressed.

I was even more impressed by the way and manner in which the Wuhan pupils answered and spoke English in response to their teacher Julie.

They were confident, lively and obviously very bright.

They were also eager learners and enthusiastic participants in the lesson throughout.

Julie, the teacher was standing closes to the screen. The other staff member was making an announcement...just before the lesson began.

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