Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cementing Deep Friendship !

Principal Mr Zheng and I have a number of things in common. We are both current Badminton players, he in Wuhan and me in S'pore. He is also into guitar and music and....I have been playing both guitar and the ukulele for a long time.

This was the picture poster that I was given during the dinner.
It was brought all the way from Wuhan by HOD Mr a personal gift from their school. I was tremendously touched by this gesture.
All I can say for now, is a Big Thank You to Principal Zheng and his staff for their kindness and hospitality to me and Mrs Yip during our unforgettable visit recently and for this lovely poster photo.
This photo now takes pride of place next to my Plasma TV.

Xie Xie!!

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