Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cheers to Wuhan - S'pore friendship !

The picture that says it all.....the key architects and builders of the Singapore - Wuhan Bridge.
L to R, front row:
Dennis, Jessica, Melissa, Mrs Yip, Mr Zheng, Mdm Gu, Mdm Liu and Ms _.

Rear: Mr D Yip and Mr Ye

There are others involved too.

These are the bridges of the present and future!

They came over to our table to raise a "toast" to all of us ! I nick-name them- Doe, Ray, Me and Fa.
Soon, everyone was moving about toasting one another.
I must admit I have never been so toasted in my lifetime except for my wedding day, ages ago!
All the kids went around to do their merry bit. It was really nice of them to wish and acknowledge their teachers, elders and us.

Fortunately, there was no alcohol in all drinks...only cordial and Chinese tea. That's why everyone was looking so sober and alert.

A candid snapshot of my companions next to me at the dinner table.

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