Tuesday, July 8, 2008

East Lake Scenic Area, Wuhan.

We were most grateful to HOD Mr Fu, who went out of his normal routine in order to show us around Wuhan. At the Hubei Museum, we were the last visitors out of there! The official closing time is 5 pm and they begin shutting down about 10 minutes before that time. Fortunately, we have Mr Fu with us. He spoke to the museum staff requesting them to let us view the last section since we came all the way from Singapore. And the staff relented, saying in Chinese..." Sure, no problem! "and with SMILES too!
That's one of the reasons why I will always love WUHAN!

Their people are most gracious and they have a big heart.

Once we got back into the car, Mr Fu inquired if there was any particular place or thing we would like to see. It was late evening already and we said any place he would like to show us would be fine. He made a very good decision. He decided to take us on a leisurely drive through the famous East Lake Scenic Area.
The East Lake is the largest lake within a city in China. Located at the south bank of the Yangtze River in the east suburb of Wuchang, it is 87 sq km in size, that is about 5 times bigger than the Western Lake of Hangzhou. As we drove along, he and Shirley as well, gave us a running commentary on the many famous scenic spots we passed by....such as Mo Hill, Qu Yuan Pavilion, the Chu Kingdom heritage site, etc. Qu Yuan was the greatest poet and literary figure of the Chu State in pre- Qin dynasty China.

We passed through an area that was lined on both sides of the road with the rare Sequoia tree. A tree that is not native to China but the USA.

I saw residents by the lakeside banks fishing with an extremely long fishing rod that needed to be supported with a kind of pulley and tripod stand. Never have I seen this back home. As a fishing enthusiast myself, I knew why as soon as I saw one of the anglers pulling out his catch. It was a sizey fish!
On the lakes were many kinds of recreational boating crafts of all types and sizes.
But the most surprising thing to me, must be seeing a Beach and Yachting club right there by the lake.

That most pleasant drive through the beautiful landscape ended at this Lakeside Inn, another very popular local dining place. [ top photo too ]
It is built beside the waters of the lake and you can enjoy the majestic and romantic moonlight above as you dine.

The food is reasonable, service is good and the atmosphere plus the ambience of this place makes it quite unforgettable.

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