Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From WUHAN with LOVE !

At the Final Farewell Dinner Mrs Yip received a pleasant surprise. This Wuhan pupil, Liu by surname, came up to her and gave her an envelope. When she opened contained a Beautiful Thank You card and included a photo of him, with us, at Shui Guo Hu School.
The thoughtful gesture by this shy boy in bringing this special card all the way from Wuhan has warmed our hearts dearly.
He exemplifies the very best of Shui Guo Hu school and his school, as well as his family, can be proud of that.

So, at Changi Airport, just before the Wuhan group left for home on Sunday morning, I managed to locate little Liu and took a picture with him and his buddy.
This photo is specially for the Liu family!
Xie! Xie!
Mr and Mrs Yip

Ps: Little Liu is also the cute emcee I nicknamed " Doe" in my earlier post on the Combined Performance at Wuhan.

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