Friday, July 4, 2008

Goodbye Wuhan...See you in Singapore!

I was still standing along the sidewalk as the coach with 25 GSPS kids slowly pulled away.
The windows of the air-conditioned bus were all wound up. You could see the faces of those inside through the translucent panes. Then I heard a piercing, desperate yell that came from one of the Wuhan kids. A yell of a name that sounded familiar followed by..."GOOOOOD...BYE !"

Someone inside the bus must have heard it and so she struggled with the clasp of the sliding window to open it.
Out popped her head and with the sweetest of smiles shouted back.....
" I'll see YOU in SINGAPORE !
Cai Zian ! "

This was my very last snapshot of the
kids in the bus, that day in Wuhan.
The Gongshang pupils would have brought back with them a ton of lasting memories and precious lessons of friendship, culture, history, geography, language, music and a much better understanding of China
and her people, especially Wuhan people.
The 25 Wuhan pupils will have similar opportunities a day from today, in Singapore.
They are scheduled to arrive by air at Changi Airport, on Saturday 5 July 2008, accompanied by 3 staff members. Awaiting their arrival will be these same GSPS kids and their parents who will play host.
And I hope to be there to capture their predictably sweet and emotional re-unions!


minitew said...

hehe mr yip you know who am i?
i'm the girl in yellow tees!
oh ya mr richard now teaching us ukelelee

uncle dick said...

Haha! are really clever and smart.I'm surprised that You know how to put comments here.
Wonderful! Keep it up. Do ask the other girls and boys to visit this website. Also ask them to add comments like what you did.
Yes, I've also asked Mr Richard to help you all first. I will be teaching and seeing you all soon.
Mr Yip