Saturday, July 12, 2008

GSPS and Wuhan SGH FAREWELL Dinner

Last night, Friday 11 July 08, Gongshang Primary School Parents Support Group hosted a Farewell Dinner for all those involved in the on-going Singapore - Wuhan Programme.
It was held in the spacious school hall and began at about 7 pm.
The hall was decorated with streamers and balloons giving it a party and festive feel.
The original plan was to hold this at a hotel somewhere.
On hindsight, holding this function within the school premises seems to have gone down well at least from my personal observation.
The kids could literally run around in a safe place, making merry here and there without any problems whatsoever.

The parents, teachers and guests were all quite comfortable. The food, drinks and desserts were excellent and many went for 2nd and even 3rd rounds! I happened to be one!
The programme was informal and that allowed everyone to mix and feel at ease.
There were a couple of speeches, games, singing, performance, a birthday celebration and many photo-taking sessions.
Before the end, we gathered at the stage for Combined Group Photo. As I am using only a digital camera with no wide angle lens, the picture had to be taken like 2 parts.

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