Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the Heart of 3 Kingdoms !

From my childhood says, before Singapore had a TV network, there was only radio stations and our local Rediffusion....and books, particularly Chinese comic books with rough English translations, that opened the world to my young mind. Nevertheless, it was a very good start to learning about history, geography, culture, places through these stories and legends.
I love the comics which were mostly printed in black and white. They were easy to obtain either by borrowing, loaning or exchange with others.
Rediffusion played a big an important part in my growing up years. Almost all homes had one installed and it was hardly ever switched off....week in and week out.
I remember being enraptured by the daily stories of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms that was superbly told by the Grandfather of all Singapore story tellers.....Lee Tai Soh . He spoke in Cantonese....my own dialect.,and so I could follow each story-telling episode. If I missed an episode or two, I felt frustrated as there was no repeat and I was always at a loss at what happened in between. Thus in my twenties, I managed to own a copy of the entire 3 Kingdom story and enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. There were 120 chapters in the book.
The story of the 3 Kingdoms has been made into TV serials and movies. The latest being shown now in our cinemas is " RED CLIFF " [ I shall comment on this most significant battle later here].

The steeply angled peak is known as Jixian Peak [ peak of Congregated Immortals ].
The next photo shows part of the Shengguang Peak. To the right is a pavillion in red.


Anonymous said...

You still can listen to Rediffusion. Please visit www.rediffusion.com.sg for more information.

uncle dick said...

Yes...I am aware.
Gongshang Primary School has a tie-in with Rediffusion too. They have a special "live radio" room for their pupils to promote story-telling and other activities.
Thanks for the comment!

unk Dick