Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Journey through the Gorges

After that breakfast, another smaller launch came over to bring all of us to the opposite side....Badong city, where we were transferred to the # 1 Launch cruiser with 2 decks for the journey through the Gorges. Our destination was the river mouth of the Shennong River about an hour away.

Pic: Top
China has turned the building of bridges into an aesthetic art of supreme beauty and functional quality. This bridge links Badong City to the other side of the mighty Yangtze.

These 4 young ladies, attired in their native pink dresses, are local natives known as the "Tujiaren" that is local inhabitants of that region. They act as giudes and hostesses on board the launch cruiser. They play an important role later on as we travel further into "their territory"of the Shennong River.
D2 and other travellers...looking relaxed for the journey up river.

Our cruiser entering the first of the many narrow Gorges. The high water line/markings can clearly be seen in the "bald" rockface. Since the 3 Gorges Dam was built ...the water level behind the Dam has risen dramatically, even covering dwellings, buildings, farmlands etc..on the lower levels. All those affected have been resettled in different places and on higher ground.

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