Tuesday, July 15, 2008


After that wonderful dinner was over, we trooped into the lift and headed for the 4th floor where the Friendly KTV Karaoke lounge was located. The night was still young...about 9 pm plus. We had a big enough room with double TV screen to hold us all.
Drinks were served and everyone settled down to the business at hand...singing or crooning your favourite songs! D2 and I have not been to such a nightspot in umpteenth years. The last time we went to one...Goodness I can't even recall where,...they were using photo-copied albums as reference index.
But...here everything is digitalised! And I do mean Everything!
The Digital world has passed us by and we weren't even aware .

We prompted Mdm Zhang to have a go first and she sportingly took the Mic. She has a beautiful voice and sweet singing style.

Soon, everyone joined in with Mic or no Mic. That is how it should be!

We had different people sing different songs or duets of songs.
D2 and I were content to enjoy the entertainment and talent displayed.

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