Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Let's Celebrate friendship !

After her heart warming speech, the mood was set. Principal Zheng was next to be invited up the stage. He too spoke off the cuff thanking his staff, the GSPS teachers, his VPs, the great support shown by the parents and last but not the least, the pupils of the 2 schools. He was most appreciative, he said, of the kind compliments that D2 had made in her speech. He added that she was a wonderful speaker.

Principal Zheng speaking in an easy and relaxed manner about the wonderful relationship between the two schools that is now into its 4th consecutive year.
He was applauded long and loudly when he had ended.
At least two parents who are mothers also came forward to speak...in ENGLISH ! I was both surprised and impressed.
Then dinner was served. There was no alcohol at dinner as the kids were present. So, we had cordials and tea for drinks.
By now, Wuhan dishes were no surprises for us, having sampled quite a few...or so we thought!
But there was still one major surprise left!

Can you guess what this was?
It is edible of course. But it sure did not look at all familiar when it was placed on our table. In all my years, I have never seen or tasted such a dish.
It came deep fried with a garnishing of vegetables.
Look closely, it was served with the head and the eyes too! Had this portion been missing, no one could really be certain what it was.
After all had offered guesses, we were told it was rabbit.
That was the 1st time that D2 and I had tasted it.

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