Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More pictures of the SGCC Dinner

Over conversations at the dinner, I inquired about the impressions that our 3 Wuhan friends Mr Fu, Mdm Zhang and Mdm Khng have about Singapore.
In a nutshell, they have been very impressed with the city's cleanliness, our traffic system, the places they have visited and SHOPPING!
The variety of goods here and the quality of these goods are impressive. But they were truly surprised that at nearly every MRT station they emerged from, there is a lovely, attractive shopping mall awaiting.
Don't forget...our 3 good friends are 1st time visitors here and so many things which we take for granted are really surprising to them. Like even the amount of lights they see everywhere during night time. They couldn't believe we don't turn off more, especially in public areas and buildings. Any of our city planners and govt agencies reading this? Then do take a cue. Saving energy contributes to more eco-saving ! I fully agree.

In addition, they like the Nat Museum alot. A plus point is that they can pick up the earphone, click on to Chinese language and listen privately to the various commentaries. No hassle...simplicity personified!
That's what they far!

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