Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A night stroll by the Yangtze River.

After dinner by the East lake, Mr Fu drove us to visit a park situated on the other side of the great river, in the township of Hankou. It was already dark by then as night has come. This place was very well lighted up with many colourful lights which transformed the park into a sort of fairyland.

As the 4 of us walked into the park, we saw this huge memorial tablet erected in honour of the late Chairman Mao.
There was a poem written by him engraved on the structure.
From here, we walked towards the recreational paths and enbankment where there were lots of people mainly local residents and their families simply there as we were....to enjoy the night view of the Yangtze River and to take in the fresh air.
After that refreshing stroll, we headed for downtown Hankou. The traffic was very heavy as Mr Fu showed his skill in squeezing the car he was driving through the tightest of openings.
Despite the expected jams, he wanted us to see the heart of the city where the former colonial buildings of the 5 European nations that had imposed themselves on China early last century, are still standing today. They were majestic-looking buildings, I must say.

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