Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Adventure to 3 Gorges Begins!

Friday 30th may 2008. We checked out of our hotel by 10 am leaving our luggage in the hotel office for safekeeping. We would be back on Sunday evening at the latest. Shirley, our guide/interpreter came to meet us. Soon, HOD Mr Fu arrived and we loaded our light travel bag
into his car. He drove us to the Bus/Coach area of Hanyang where we would board the coach to Yingchang.
Knowing he was probably busy, we warmly thanked him and bade him a temporary farewell until we meet up again on Sunday.

At the Coach area, we were early or rather the coach came late. So we made ourselves comfortable while waiting.
Here we see Shirley keeping D2 company while the waitng began.

As for me, I'm never very good at waiting....doing nothing at all. So off I went looking around when I spotted a nearby tourist attraction.
This was the Gu Qin Tai Platform which was a sort of historic garden on Tortoise Hill. Within the grounds are pavillions, sculptures, ponds all beautifully landscaped.
What's so intersting and historic about this place?
I suggest you click on the story I captured in the bottom photo to find out.

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