Monday, July 21, 2008

An Overview of Our 3 Gorges Trip

This is the Map of the 3 Gorges Area of the Yangtze River. The arrows and circles I added in to help readers who may wish to follow the directions we took in this vast expanse of land. The whole area is certainly majestic, magical and truly breathtaking! It is a photographer's dream destination with stupendous scenes of gorges, cliffs, valleys, mountain passes and numerous peaks, hanging coffins, caves, rivers, native boats and dwellings, and more.... .
Day 1
We travelled from Wuhan to Yichang [ see circle 1 ].Then by bus across the Gezhou Dam bridge to the town of Zigui, near the 3 Gorges Dam [ see circle 2 ] where we alighted and walked to the Port Terminal Building and down a very steep enbankment of steps, over a jetty and finally our "Brilliant yacht....the Dragon "which sailed overnight to Badong [ see circle 3 ].
Day 2
A very packed programme awaited us, visiting Shennongjia, upriver to the end, the various Gorges, Hanging coffin caves, and Baidi town [ see circle 6 ].
Day 3
Return journey to Yichang and then Wuhan

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't you take a leisuely one say from Chongging to Yichang or Yichang to Chongging?