Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Principal speaks.....

Before dinner began, Mrs Yip, Principal of Gongshang Primary, was invited to give her welcoming address. She spoke off the cuff touching on the strong bi-lateral ties between her school and Shui Guo Hu Primary in Wuhan. She spoke about the deep friendships that have been made not only during this current phase of the exchange programme but also of those over the last several years that were instrumental in laying the foundation of what we can see today.
Cheers and loud claps resounded all round in agreement!

She spoke about how happy we were when we were in Wuhan and thanked the Wuhan staff and their parent volunteers for showing us, our GSPS teachers and the pupils, great hospitality and friendship throughout our stay.

Finally, she thanked all her parent volunteers, parents and her staff for having organised the night's dinner and for their tremendous effort, time and sacrifice they all made to see this programme a success.

Centre photo:
A happy hosting family.
Bottom photo:
Five inseparable SGH buddies!

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