Sunday, July 6, 2008

There They are !

Many of the GSPS kids were carrying welcome gifts for their Wuhan buddies. I saw quite a few huge teddy bears and other soft cuddly huggables.
Most of the other passengers of that flight had emerged but a group 28 strong will need a little more time.
Eventually...I saw the Wuhan group trooping out towards their baggage retrieval area. There was a surge forward and hands waving frantically in excitement.
I too waved as Mr Fu, the HOD saw me...just after I took this picture of them still inside the area.

Then they were out!
Some walked gently towards their waiting buddies and hosting parents.
Others rushed forward to be re-united with each other, squealing and laughing in utter delight.

The more thoughtful ones introduced their parents and siblings to their Wuhan buddies.

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