Saturday, July 26, 2008

The turnaround at Shennong Riverlet

As I said...the current going downstream was very strong. This was our boat being pushed by the rushing waters.

All attention shifted to the front of the sampan...the lookout...keeping a sharp eyes on the waters ahead as our boat moved swiftly downstream.

Our boat captain...that's him with the tilted hat, could now afford to relax and smile. The hard and difficult part was over. So, he broke into a huge smile. Then....he too started singing!
It was truly magical...his voice and the song that he sang reverberating beautifully in the narrow confines of the river.
I wished I had a sound recorder with me.
This serves to remind myself that I must have a recording device on my next trip.
I have missed numerous opportunities to record exotic songs, sounds, tunes and chatter on all my previous travels. One big miss I won't forget easily was how the Mongolians sing and make music with their noses[ nasal passage]....when we were last in Mongolia.

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