Thursday, July 17, 2008

WUHAN departs Singapore...scene 1.

The group from Wuhan met at Terminal 1 Changi Airport at 6 am on Sunday morning, July 13. Their flight home from S'pore to China was CZ 352 departing at 8 am. I noticed there was a big group of hosting families, GSPS staff and the kids themselves pushing trolleys ladened with their luggage, bags and more bags. Dennis, Jessica and Melissa were busy at the check-in counter assisting with and ensuring hassle-free check-in. Mr Fu, Mdm Zhang and Mdm Khng were
also busy with their kids' passports, forms, and baggage tags.
The check-in was really orderly, efficient and smooth. No problems whatsoever.
There was time by many hosting families for picture-taking.
Here we were, D2 and myself, with young Liu and his host family.

A fully-laden trolley belonging to little Sammi's buddy.

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