Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yichang Street Scenes

This story continues from the blogpost of 11th July titled " Yichang Hotpot".
The story thus was Friday, 30th May 08 in the late evening. We had arrived in Yichang from Wuhan with our guide Shirley. And Shirley had ordered Dinner for all 3 of us...a special Yichang hotpot which was truly excellent.
While waiting for the food to be prepared in that corner restaurant, Shirley went off to look for that popular Wuhan noodles..." Re-gan-mian" which literally means hot, dry noodles.

As usual, I took my camera and scouted around...for interesting scenes.
These were some of the scenes I captured.

A water-melon seller at the street where we ate.

Various hawkers hawking their wares or services....from shoe repairs, clothes alteration and repairs, keys,
minor repairs, etc...
A lady selling souvenirs can be seen here.

The other end of the street was gaily decorated with flags and buntings.

D2 waiting patiently for our Yichang hotpot while sipping Chinese tea.

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