Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bintan Lagoon Resort

This resort in Bintan is probably the largest one on the whole island. It is situated on sprawling grounds, with lots of greenery and on high ground overlooking the sea front.
There is a sort of private road that leads all the way to this beautiful place. The rooms are good and service is even better.
As for the food, we are spoilt for choice.

The waters in the lagoon are sparkling clean and excellent for a dip or a swim.

It was such a peaceful setting at the beach front that I could not resist pulling a deck chair under a shady Casuarina tree and simply let myself go.
Within five minutes, I did not realise at all, I had fallen into a peaceful nap.
And what a long nap I had..3 hours!

D2 and I relaxing at a shop at the Oleh-Oleh Shopping Village after we had lunch, on the last day of our recent trip.

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