Friday, November 21, 2008

The Infocomm 123 3 renowned Bloggers

This is the official JINGLE sent to me by INFOCOMM 123.

Hope you enjoy it.

There is more at their website. See the top right oh my homepage.


minitew said...

Oo nice Jingle!
I totally Enjoyed It!


unk Dicko said...

Not bad huh?
Three "oldies" can still do such funny stuff!

stanley said...

Hello Dick Yip

I was one of the many hundred of senior citizens who attended your talk on how to create a blog on 22.11.08 at the Singapore Polytechnic. Your talk was very interesting and informative and I want to thank you(as well as the other speakers)for encouraging the senior citizens to blog. You said in your talk that keeping family history alive could only be achieved through blogging by members of the family and continued through the generations. I could not agree with you more. However, the road to blogging is not always a smooth ride.There may be obstacles such as:-
(a) difficulty in expressing ideas into words
(b) the life experience of a person is limited. Hence his ability to blog is also limited to the extent of his experience.
(c) an introverted person.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Stanley,
Thanks for the warm compliments.It was an honour and indeed a privilege to share with my fellow senior ctizens some ideas on blogging. Your observations are valid.However, one very important and very OFTEN OVERLOOKED fact should be clearly emphasised to all or any beginning blogger.
And what is that IMPORTANT REALITY?
It is the world of Blogging or Blogosphere, there are generally NO RULES,NO NORMS, NO SUCH THING AS ONLY WRITING OR POSTING THIS WAY OR THAT WAY, IS ACCEPTABLE.
I have visited many,many blogs...all kinds of blogs. Some write in very polished ENGLISH ( very,very "cheem")...but hardly anyone visit the blog. Why? Content too "cheem" and language make it worse. On the other hand, there are blogs with almost no writings...just nice visuals,artwork,photos but very well done...they get many visits.
Actually, one need not be too worried about anything as in the final analysis, if you are writing about family history is for those who come after us.Whatever the blogger has done will be greatly appreciated by not only his family but by others in the next generation...however he or she writes it.
ps: Check out my upcoming posts on the Infocomm 123 portal" SILVER AMBASSADOR Blogs". I shall release some research findings about the positive benefits of seniors and the elderly who blog.