Friday, November 21, 2008


Hi folks! If you are aged 50 and above and have a blogsite of your own...YOU just might be the proud owner of a LCD-TV worth more than S$1,500! Read on for more information.
All that you need to do is to submit ONE blog entry on the theme " FAMILY " to participate. This contest is organised by the Infocomm 123 Portal and it starts today till 16 December 2008.

The winner will be selected based on the highest number of votes garnered from the public and a panel of judges for the contest.
Three renowned senior citizen bloggers will be on board the portal during the Contest period as official SILVER AMBASSADORS.
Lam Chun See [ ], Mdm LaoZhaBor [ ] and Uncle Dick Yip [ ].
The 3 of us will be blogging on INFOCOMM 123 blog platform for two weeks to connect with the seniors and the 'senior' seniors. We will be sharing some useful tips on blogging and other things which should prove helpful to one and all.
Chase Ng and Mdm Laozhabor

If you get into the INFOCOMM 123 portal, you will be able to learn interesting tid-bits about the 3 of us as we give our frank and candid anwers during the interview segment...about blogging, how we started out, why, when, what...etc.
Was it really difficult for each of us?
How did we overcome some of the initial problems and obstacles we faced?

Chase Ng, Alvin Tan [staff], Laozhabor, Lam Chun See, Unk Dicko, Esther Puah [staff].

Our main objective is to help encourage and motivate the large numbers of senior and elderly folks to come on board with us on this learning journey. The ship has set sail for the new ocean called the Digital Age. We do not intend to leave anyone behind!
Whether we like it or not, the Digital Age has already descended upon us. We can't simply wish it away. It won't happen. So as the saying goes..." if you can't beat them...MIGHT AS WELL JOIN THEM! "
Welcome on Board!

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