Sunday, November 16, 2008

It only takes a SPARK !..part 2

These pictures were forwarded to me by Benedict who was one of those who attended my last "Learn to Blog" session. Thanks Benedict! I hope you have picked up enough to start your blogging journey.
As the aspiring newbie bloggers were setting up their blogs, I told them to give some thought to their Blog Title.
But for the time being, they could just name it whatever they preferred.
One called his," The FATMAN !"
I think he has a good reason for that.
Another was named," American LOST in Singapore"... which to me, is excellent as it will invite those who are curious to find out more by visiting his blog.
In my very well accepted session, I made reference to some of my blog links ...Camel Dairies, Good Morning Yesterday and also LaoZhabor. I covered enough ground for most of them to be able to handle the beginning aspects of blogging on their own.
Things like: Settings, Layout, Comments, Fonts, Colours, Scan, Edit, Delete,Save, etc..
After the session ended, I received immediate thanks,
Feedback and Comments from them.
Here are some:-
" You are a GREAT teacher ! "
" You have made it look so easy!"
" You have just rekindled my interest in the computer again"
" I will try the things you showed when I go home"
Each of them received the SILVER INFOCOMM Day flyer. They are aware that
I shall be giving 2 talk/presentation on the topic " If I Can Blog, So Can You! ",
at the S'pore Polytechnic...this Saturday and the following one.

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