Saturday, November 15, 2008

It only takes a SPARK !

Today, unk Dicko conducted the 4th and final session of my free"Learn to Blog"class. Attendance was full. Everyone who came with the intention of learning about blogging, had by the end of the session, managed to register their new blogger account, created their own blog template with simple settings, and some did their 1st blog post.
D2 came much later and captured some of these scenes.
The GRLs of Serangoon Gardens and some members of the senior church group were among the aspiring bloggers.

The session was conducted in the way I would have liked any I T lesson to simple, layman's language that everyone can understand minus all the techie nonsense and technical jargon that would have caused widespread" heart attacks"!
There was much laughter, fun and laxity. Again, I encouraged all to ask as many questions as possible. When questions are raised they help pin-point the problem faced by the poser.
And the answers I give will benefit all.

All in, I would safely say that my 1st attempt in conducting these sessions

were a great success. My wish is for those who have started their own blogs to keep at it and progress from there.
I will certainly drop over at the Centre, every now and then, to further enhance their blogging skills.
So, as the song goes..."it only takes a spark to keep the fire going ".
I have started a small fire here in Serangoon blogosphere.
I think, no I am CONFIDENT, that the fire will grow very much larger when residents of my" kampong"see my next new initiative...on blogging!

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