Monday, November 24, 2008

Me on a Singapore Stamp...unbelievable?

This particular photo was specially done by the Canon Digital Camera stall. They were showing us some of their latest photo printers for home or personal use. This snapshot was done all in a matter of seconds..from snapping the picture image to printing it out as you see here. Amazing! They made just this ONE print and gave it to Minister Lui Tuck a souvenir gift. He held it, thanked them and turned to me beside him saying," Dick, I would really like YOU to have this picture! "
Thank you Minister Lui. I promised that I will use it for a you are seeing here.

This is one stamp I would keep for my grandkids!

Thanks Minister Lui!

Unk Dicko on a valid Singapore postage stamp?...I asked this in my title of this post. Unbelievable? Better believe it!

The evidence is right here.
As Minister Lui, myself and the other VIPs strolled on, we came to the counter set up by Singapore Post. They had a special partitioned backdrop decorated with some Mickey Mouse designs. They explained to us how any of you today can easily personalise your very own set of souvenir stamps. It does not cost much at all. If any of my readers are interested you can get further details online at this address:-

or visit any post office nearest your home.

Btw, I used to be a very keen stamp collector during my school days and still have my original stamp albums from the early '60s. And I have a most interesting, unforgetable but true story to tell on another day. How a schoolboy showed me a stamp one day, wondering if I could help him assess its value with my then "collectors' encyclopaedia ". Not only did I help him. He almost fainted when I told him about the"treasure"
he was holding in his hand. The value of that stamp was in 4 figures!! and that was in late 70's.

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