Friday, November 14, 2008

My 1st batch of Blogging disciples.

Yesterday, I conducted my 3rd hands on learn to blog session for seniors. It was held at the Contact I T centre at Block 123, Serangoon North Ave 1. The 4th and final session in my introductory attempt to give some help and assistance to people who need it will take place on Sat 15th Nov, same venue.
All the sessions are free!

By the end of yesterday's coaching session, all who turned up had not only succeeded in registering their own personal blogs but urged on by me...published their 1st historic post each. WELL DONE, my disciples!

I showed them how to use the scanner to scan a photo. The process of sending the photo to the computer system, file it and how to retrieve for blogging.

In addition, they learnt other applications for blogging and emailing.
I showed them how to "google" for anything on the internet.

All of them were struggling to open a blogging account. Two did not have any email account at all. All can be classified as true greenhorns on the computer and the internet. The computer screen showed they were repeatedly rejected. Different messages kept popping up...all frustrating! Like....

"this account does not exists!"
" no such user name!"
" invalid password !"
" _________" ( blank, no reasons given! )
At one point, I was a little worried that they might just give up trying

and go home. That's why I had to reassure them that all those things they were experiencing had happened to me too. But I never gave up! Why? Why indeed? I told them by explaining to them how the system works. Actually..we are dealing with a programmed robot called the computer. It is not human.

And it is always inflexible!
Sometimes, when you forget to key in a dot or comma, or will not obey your command.
So, basically it's not the computer's fault. Just take the time to enter the required data slowly but surely.
This post is dedicated to all blogging beginners...especially to those shown in the pics.
Bottom Photo: Left to right:

Jessica, unk Harry, Florence and J.

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