Thursday, November 6, 2008

TTC camp reunion...Tekong 1968!

I am glad I found these old photos of our YLTC days still in reasonably good condition. Actually, there were many more such old photos which I did not then have the time to put into proper albums. Many of my old photos were simply kept in envelopes which were then placed into cardbox cartons...and remained hidden in my storeroom much like antique. My dear wifey disagreed...saying its more like junk! That was before I started blogging. The process of blogging actually creates many positive outcomes. What are some of them?
Well for one, my dear wifey does not consider my boxes of old photos "junk" anymore. What caused this change of heart? It happened a couple of times already. Out of the blue, she receives an official email asking for old photos of her early girl guiding days....of the '60's., or even further back. She goes through albums, cupboards, drawers, files and all the what not...and almost always in desperation and at the 11th hour tells me, she's in a quandary.

In no time at all, I can find what she could not as I'm more familiar with the "old boxes". Now, she thinks they might contain untold treasures!

See how quickly a situation can change ...from junk to treasure. Pure Magic!

Talking about magic, our Reunion entertainment will never be complete without "uncle Magic "himself, the one and only Roger Lim. He's a bona-fide amateur magician and has been astounding us for many years.
Rodney, as usual has been "conned" by uncle Magic, to be a guinea-pig for a trick here. Cheers Rodney! Do not worry too much about your hair. Once uncle Magic can remember where he had kept it in the will come back.

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