Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TTC camp reunion...Tekong memories.

Those of our generation who had been to Tekong for the YLTC were the fortunate ones in many ways. We had practically the whole island to ourselves for land activities such as Orienteering, map reading and land expeditions.
This was our Barracuda group on an Orienteering exercise in the heart of a rubber estate...August 1968, Tekong.

Dr Lau making a few poignant observations about the present and future scope of outdoor education before handing the mike over to Goh Ek Piang...who introduced 2 members from CCAB's outdoor education unit who gave us some input through a power point presentation.

The buffet spread was the North Indian type.

Music was provided by Seletar Country Club's live band.
Mr Tan Hwee Hock was invited to sing this song although we had just started the function.

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