Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TTC camp reunion...Tekong our 2nd home.

With my camera, I snapped a picture of our group taking a pause to double -check our location during the orienteering session in YLTC, August 1968. Kim Hoe was the only one looking directly into the camera.

I was invited to sing Cliff Richard's the" Young Ones". The lyrics were transposed to the screen by Rodney who was manning the laptop.
I did not know who chose this particular song for me. But it was quite a good choice in the company of so many 'young' ones!..some with little hair, at least one with no hair. Haha.
No wonder they are enjoying it.

Lam Siew Leng tended to the Bar counter. He did a very good job and because of that he was rewarded with
having to sing a song.." Thinking about the things we used to do".

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yg said...

eventually, lam got to sing for his buffet dinner! he didn't sing his favourite song - 'your cheating heart'?