Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TTC CAMP REUNION..the Elderly Brothers!

That night of the reunion, I was very glad to meet up again with two of my regular "stage" buddies... Saifudin and Roger Lim. Over the years, especially from the mid 80's, the three of us plus a few others, used to be asked to provide sing a-long entertainment at many ASEAN and ASIAN Schools sports farewell dinner events. No live bands were catered for as it was too extravagant an item for the organising committee. So, invariably unk Dicko was regularly requested to organise and lead the singing and song entertainment with my regular backup partners such as Roger and Saifudin. For such occasions, I would have my accoustic guitar and my trusted Kamaka Ukulele with me. I would also provide other percussion instruments such as the tambourine, the bongo drums and castinets.

Needless to say, our services and time were provided free of charge. One possible reason that I lasted so long in this Chief role ( 2 decades) was that I was the only chap in this education/sports circle who knew many songs of the ASEAN and ASIAN countries involved...could sing the lyrics and play the song.
That always brought much joy and appreciation to the various delegations at the farewell functions....so much so that one ASEAN Delegation head once told Joe David ECAC boss, in my presence, that the ASEAN Schools Sports Council should consider appointing me as their "Singing ambassador". Although said in jest, Joe David beamed and smiled broadly.
Above the 3 Elderly Brothers reunited once again since 1999 !
See my earlier story"Have Ukulele will travel" dated Oct 21 2008 for more info about the 1999 event.


peter said...

Natahar Bava I remember of course. he was our school rugby coach in 1971 before he left for Singapore American School in 1972. I still got the group photo with Natahar. Soft spoken man.

unk Dicko said...

Yes,Bava had a sterling record in rugby and in Athletics where he was a top sprinter, winning medals at the Sea Games.