Monday, November 3, 2008

TTC CAMP REUNION...we remember those who had left us.

This was the TTC Youth Leadership Training Camp (YLTC ) held in August 1968, at Pulau Tekong. The group picture in the previous post is different. That YLTC was held that same year but in November.
Most of the people in this photograph have retired from service today.
Camp staff seated in front row, from left to right:-

Sivalingam, Gerry deSouza, Clarence Lim, Tan Eng Huat( the late ), Lam Chee Cheong, Hoon Soon Kuan, Wilfred James, ____?, Syon, Mr Chang Fook Tin, Mr Yap Boon Chuan ( Camp Commandant ), Robert Tan (C I ), Nyuk, Ms Vinnoite, Twang Peck Ee, Rodney Tan, Tan Buan Lim, Jimmy Chua, Lock Hong Kit, Tan Tee Suan and Balbir Singh, standing extreme right.
I was standing behind the seated ones, 4th from left.

Back to the Re-union gathering.

Before anything else began, Rodney our perennial emcee for such functions signalled for all to quieten down. In a gist, this was what he said...that we are all much blessed to be able to gather together for this reunion despite the years that have flown by, and we ought to be greatly Thankful to God...for this. But since those Ubin and Tekong days, some of our fellow old faithfuls have unfortunately left us and can never be with us again at such gatherings. Rodney asked that we all keep a minute's silence and reflect on the 3 who have departed the scene.
The three were:-
1. Tan Eng Huat( seated 4th from left, front row) was in a training plane that disappeared
somewhere over the deep Johore jungle in 1976. Many searches were conducted by M'sian
search and rescue personnel but neither he nor the plane was ever found. Eng Huat was a
SEA Games Gold medallist in Sailing in early 70's.
2. Ms Ong Siong Ngo was a dedicated and passionate TTC PE lecturer.
3. Mr Patrick John was also one of the very popular TTC PE lecturer.

All three had been closely associated with the YLTC and other such activities.

ps: Missing name of camp staff, pl update me. Thanks.
ps: More posts and pics to come!


Anonymous said...

Hi, they found Eng Huat's wrist-watch. He was then teaching with me at Swiss Cottage - we felt his loss deeply. Will always remember him as one who taught to swim !

Boon Long

unk Dicko said...

Hi Boon Long,
What you just said is engrossing!
I did not know that. The reports I came across at that time were all agreed on one thing...there was nothing ever found.
Can you send me the details of this interesting news.I'll like to follow it up.
Thanks old friend.