Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ukulele kids of....GSPS!

The lessons begin at about 9 am and last for an hour for each class. Mindful that each class has only 2 sessions alloted to them, I maximise their exposure and experience through a combination of simple ukulele hands on demos" observe, follow and try out"what I do. Correct simple errors first in basic handling of the uke, correct fingering, adding variety in strumming patterns and tempo. When I paused them to rest their "tired" fingers after much strumming practice...I do one or two lovely ukelele pieces to inspire them further.
Then we get into the part the pupils all love the most...the challenge of playing and singing familiar tunes as we strum along. This will be interspersed with more practices on smooth changing of chords from one to another.

From the way these kids have responded at my ukulele sessions, I am truly delighted for them, for the school and for my hope and dream of nurturing a new generation of ukulele players in Singapore.
My one golden wish is for their parents or family to buy them a ukulele so that they can really do some practising at home whenever possible. That's so critically crucial if anyone intends to improve his or her ukulele playing.

I had openly promised the pupils that if their class performs well according to my expert assessment, then I'll feature them at my blog website.

So here they are...the Primary 5 Ukulele kids from GSPS!
Different classes but all with the same enthusiasm...to learn how to play the ukulele.


minitew said...

hellos uncle dick!
mini here...
Had lots of fun playing the ukelelee today!
Teach us more song!!!
I'm forever happy to learn! :)


unk Dicko said...

It's always very good to know that pupils like yourself enjoy these lessons so much.
Keep it up, Mini!
I'll do my best to teach more songs to all of you.

minitew said...

Do teach :)