Monday, November 17, 2008

Unk Dicko entertains at Bintan!

This year, the NE grassroot retreat was again held Bintan Island,Indonesia. The 3 day retreat was held from the 7 - 9 November 2008.,at the Bintan Lagoon Resort.
Our group from Serangoon Gardens was a close knit bunch led by D2.
There were the usual seminars and presentations but unlike the previous one last year...I decided that this time, just this once, unk Dicko would get into the thick of things and make an impact!
I have been through many seminars and serious workshops during my working years. But never once did I witness a guitar or ukulele as part of a seminar session proper. But there must always be a first time for certain things away from the norm. Why do things the same old way every single time?

So...while each team was finalising their mini-presentation of the given topic and D2's team was about to do their part with all the charts etc.., I whispered to her an instant idea that hit me there and then: I will do a special song with my ukulele at the end of her team's presentation as part of it.
The topic they were attacking? To
showcase "their" wonderful township.
The song I sang and played on the uke....."What a Wonderful World " by
Louis Armstrong.
It went down very well as I was told and caught all there by surprise!

So...if anyone ever ask whether a ukulele ever played any part in a presentation all have the answer right here.

One of the highlights of the stay was the beach barbecue set up for all of us by the resort's F and B.
It was a very nice set-up with a goodly spread of seafood, the sea breeze, lighted fires, scent of woodsmoke and pleasant camaraderie of our large party.
As no live band was present, it was left to unk Dicko to entertain the beachcombers with the all important Ukulele.
A night of lovely singing of some long-forgotten songs by the beach at,no sorry, by the beach at Bintan Lagoon.
[ In case you are wondering...yes, unk Dicko has been to Waikiki Beach,Hawaii. Has also walked into a number of their unique Ukulele shops and actually played on some of their ukes, including a heavenly 8 stringed ukulele! For a ukelelist like me, going to the legendary beach of Waikiki is like a personal pilgrimage of sorts. See photos and story at my post " PA...Hawaii, Honolulu! " dated Nov 13 2007 at Archives link. ]


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