Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Unk Dicko's TALK... S'pore Poly, 22 Nov 08

I will not give too much away in this blogpost as my second public Talk will take place this Saturday 29th November at the same venue but at 10 am in the morning.

I had prepared some slides for my power point presentation on the topic,
" If I can Blog,so can You!"
This was meant to be an overview of my perspective on blogging.
However, about half way through my presentation in which I had covered the reasons for seniors to blog, a few hands were raised among the audienc.
When I prompted them to speak, more than a few responded by asking me to actually show them how to start a blog.
That was not my original plan. How to actually create a blog is best done when you have access to computers and I can be by their side to lead them hands-on.

Nevertheless, I decided to do as requested in order to be responsive to their needs .

So, I deviated from my prepared PPP and went into Blogger.com.
Using the online tutorial at Blogger and from Youtube, I took the audience step by step to creating a blog account and a blogwebsite.

Towards the end of the Talk, I sense that many people still wanted to ask me lots of questions . So I told them that I was prepared to stay behind to attend to all their queries and questions.
That happened. What were some of the questions.
Here are some:-

1. Can blogs make money?
2. Tell us more about the difference between public vs
private,closed blogs.
3. How do you increase the visitors rate?
4.Are there dangers in blogging?
5. How do you delete a picture or post entirely.
6. Do you answer all comments? Why? And etc...

Theose present told me they enjoyed the talk very much.

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