Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My LATEST Blogging Disciples!

I just came home from a most fruitful afternoon of coaching a new group of blogging newbies.
We met up at the Serangoon North Contact 123 I T Centre at around 3 pm. These are all people who have indicated to me they would like to learn about "How to start a Blog" and also about the process of blogging itself.
Having conducted my earlier learn to blog sessions in November last year, I knew precisely what initial problems they would encounter and face.

This time around, all had existing email or internet accounts except for one....dear Irene.
So you would be forgiven if you thought it must have been a breeze for them. Answer is both Yes and No!
We must remember that having an email account is just the beginning only. Practically, all required help to create a new Blogger account from the word "Go".

Once that is done and accomplished, and I was impressed that all succeeded in the 3 steps to seeing the words...."You have just created your BLOG!" appearing on their screen, their faces literally SPARKLED ! Yes, that's what will happen for seniors who have NOT A CLUE about what blogging is and about the intricacy of the computer.

You have all done well...my disciples.
Unk Dicko is proud of you.

All started immediate blogging at their very own blog which carry their selected titles.
In 2 days time, I will meet up with them for further consolidation of their learning and to have more FUN!
You can read about my 1st coaching sessions on Blogging in Nov 2008, by clicking here.
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PChew said...

congratulation! I have sounded out about blogging to my class but none was interested.

unk Dicko said...

I'm not at all surprised by the lack of interest among seniors. Blogging is really an entirely new world to them...and no govt agency or any sub-organisation is actively promoting this activity to seniors and retirees...in Sg.
At my public Talks for seniors in Nov last year and at the Big Expo this year, , many came up to me asking if I could teach them blogging. Such courses are not on the menu of CCs etc.
No one body is actively promoting blogging as a decidely healthy activity for seniors...widely.It's left to incidental Bloggers like, just to mention a few, Lam Chun See, you and I, and a few more to encourage more people to come on board.
INFOCOMM 123 has made a small start on their portal.
However,there is insufficient or almost no media/press coverage/buzz nor publicity about much of this.
Something more substantial needs to be done if the picture is to change for the better.