Sunday, May 3, 2009

AWARE EGM...Bravo to 1414 brave women! really was as I had described it to be " the mother of all women battles" in Singapore. Starting at 2pm and it went on until after 10 pm [ the venue was booked from 2-5 pm for the EGM]. At around 7+ pm, I had finished my swim with my grandkids and all and were settling down to a nice dinner at my club when my daughter D4 updated me "live" on the latest happenings at the Showdown in Suntec City.
D4 was receiving sms or twitter updates from her close friend who was a participant there.
" They are counting the votes ", she said.
"And who won?"I asked.
" Looks like the new committee will be kicked out according to the votes tallied so a big margin!"
After dinner, we all went home and I left my TV set on to CNA news channel for updates. The coverage and "live" reports were quite extensive. I was particularly impressed by the large turnout, the long queues of mainly women who had to wait a mighty long time just to register themselves for the EGM. The scenes reminded me of those good old days when we were still in the Malaysia Cup soccer competition and long queues formed during ticket sales at the National stadium. Except that this was no soccer match and this was no way a game. Something unusual and historic has taken place at this event.

This was and still is serious business concerning the alleged hijacking of an association by a group of fundamentalist people from a particular church and imposing their self-righteous views on others. There is basically nothing wrong with having your own views. But using those views as a springboard to "capture" a secular organisation and then to use that same captured body to further propagate your beliefs and views to the exclusion of others....well, that is simply unacceptable in a multi-racial, multi-religious Singapore.
It may even be dangerous had it gone unchecked!
Unk Dicko salutes all those who turned up to make their voice heard loudly and clearly.
Unk Dicko salutes the 1414 who posted a no confidence vote in the new Exco.
To all others who may be planning similar hijackings...take notice.
The backlash and anger of normal, sane, sober, rational Singaporeans are greater than any misguided group or individuals.

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May 2, 2009
Josie's team quits

Josie Lau (left) and the new executive committee of the beleagured Association of Women and Research (Aware) has decided to step down, while the Ex-Aware president Dana Lam (far left) was nominated the new leader. --ST PHOTO: MOHD ISHAK, MUGILAN RAJASEGERAN
THE new executive committee of the beleagured Association of Women and Research (Aware) has decided to step down.
Said its president Josie Lau, after a marathon extraordinary general meeting lasting over seven hours on Saturday:' We have decided to graciously step down. We wish Aware all the best.'
The announcement came after members at the EGM passed a vote of no confidence on the new exco by a margin of
1,414 to 761.
Ex-Aware president Dana Lam was nominated the new leader, and Ms Chew i Jin the vice-president. The honorary secretary is Ms Yap Chang Wi, assistant honorary secretary is Ms Corrina Lim, treasurer is Ms Tan Ju Hin, and assistant treasurer is Ms Lim Xiaoyun.
The EGM was attended by some 2,000 members.
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Read LIVE blog updates by Teo Wan Gek and Elizabeth Soh on the Aware EGM at the Suntec City Convention Centre here.

[ Source: Straits Times Breaking News 9.29 pm, 2 May 2009 ]


Anonymous said...

Anything to do with soccer and winning Malaysia?

unk Dicko said...

Check my coming post soon for the answers.