Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The 1977 Malaysia Cup Victory!

This was the front page of the Sunday Times edition of May 29 1977...32 years ago.
Photo showed an estactic Samad Alapitchay lifting the Malaysia Cup which we won. He was surrounded by his team mates. Super -sub Nasir Jalil was next to him. Goalkeeper was Edmund Wee.
If any one reading this needs more info on the line-up
or anything about the match, just let me know and I can fill you in.

This news clip was from page 19 of the New Nation daily of May 30 1977.
The photos showed how Nasir Jalil scored the equalising goal to make it 2-2 at full time.
In extra time, our local darling and crowd favourite Quah Kim Song headed in a diving goal to give us the Cup and victory at last!
3-2 was the final scoreline.

Bottom photo showed a very happy Trevor Hartley, adviser to the FAS hugging our much-beloved coach Unk
Choo Seng Quee.


KG said...
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KG said...

Sir, thanks for your article. I'm 39 this year and trying to recall things from my childhood. Do you happen to have any recollection of a Malaysia Cup game at the National Stadium in which Singapore beat Pahang or Penang 5-0? I remember that was the first ever football match I've ever seen live at the National Stadium. No one seems to have kept historical results of Singapore's participation in the Malaysia Cup, at least, I cannot find them online. Just trying my luck here. :) Thanks in advance!

Unk Dicko said...

Glad you enjoy the Malaysia Cup memories of yesteryears. I have a lot of newspaper clippings on many subjects...including soccer. I have seen numerous games at our Nat Stadium involving S'pore and the other state teams probably including the one you mentioned. Will check if I have any clippings on it.
I'll update here when I come up with some info.

KG said...



Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the price of a ticket in Singapore National Stadium in 1977?
price of 1 soft drink and a curry puff?
Many thanks

Unk Dicko said...

I believe the cheapest gallery free-seating tickets was $5 or less. So tickets cost much more than " 1 softdrink and a curry puff" which may be around
$1.00 - $1.20 ( 1977 price ).
Btw, M'sia Cup tickets were always sold out. Fans even queued & slept overnight just to ensure they got them. It was a sight to behold!