Saturday, May 2, 2009

AWARE EOGM...all out war today?

Today, Saturday 2 May 2009 at 2pm...somewhere in Suntec City, the biggest "battle" between two women factions belonging to the leading women's advocacy group AWARE, will take place. The AWARE saga, with all its salacious twists and turns and jaw-dropping revealations, has managed to be in the thick of all the daily news for the past several weeks since that fateful March 28 day when a new committee, comprising mainly new and relatively unknown faces, staged a reported " coup-de-tat" over the old guards.
As far as I can remember, there has never been such a gripping see-sawing battle between two groups of opposing women in our local context that has attracted so much heated exchanges from a wide cross-section of our population in the press, radio, tv and especially online forums ...where the postings have exposed raw emotions and incited anger, ridicule,hatred, accusations and counter-accusations, threats and counter-threats, warnings, name-calling and even worse things.
Unk Dicko has been following the saga very closely.
I will not be surprised at all if the " Mother of all women battles" in Singapore ends in more chaos and shame [ and that is putting it mildly ].
Why and how come?
In any game, match or contest... you must play by the rules. To enforce the observation of rules, you must have a referee or umpire empowered by an accepted body of authority to not only arbitrate but make instant, final , binding decisions that must be accepted by both sides. Sometimes a draw is the preferred result.
At other times, there is a clear winner and a clear loser.
No match can proceed without a referee.
However, it is likely that the AWARE EOGM today will not have an accepted referee.
So is it going to be a free-for -all argument and "fight"? No one can really tell for sure.
The police has already advised S'pore EXPO not to accept their place as a venue for fear that "law and order" may break down ! I presume from this that even our police fear that they may not be able to handle or contain the expected large turnout of women who may bring along their male partners and friends for support or.....?
This AWARE saga has degenerated to such an extent that judging from all the over-heated comments coming from all quarters from those directly involved to others who have taken sides...the scale of the battle has escalated and may eventually break into open warfare.
That scenario is so alarming that several govt ministers have come out in the open to voice their concerns and to remind one and all that we are a multi -racial, multi-religious society and no one group should impose its views on others. Kudos to that!
The NCCS...the National Council of Churches of Singapore has come out in the open to state that churches should stay out of the AWARE tussle issue.
This was likely in response to the way that the Church of our Saviour, an Anglican church in Margaret Drive to which several members of the new AWARE Com belong to, was perceived to be openly "supporting" the cause of their 5-6 members in the new Exco....with regards to their
public stance against gays and lesbians and other non-traditional positions.
I wait with anticipation for the outcome of today's battle royale.

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